Sunday, February 6, 2005

Rough day yesterday

I received a phone call from Herman's brother in law yesterday at about 5:15pm yesterday. He told me that Herman's mother had passed out at home and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. Herman and John were at the movies at that same time so I had no other choice but to page him. So, he came home and we drove (full speed) up to NY where his parents lives. Seems that after eating a burger (from a fast food place) she felt a little ill and was walking towards the bathroom when she passed out. They likened this to the same thing that happens to people who faint at the sight of blood. They decided to keep her overnight because her blood pressure was still a bit low. Now we understand that overnight she had an irregular heartbeat so they're keeping her for a few days to run some cardiac tests. She's not happy about this at all. She's 76 years old and this is the first time she's been in a hospital. She's not afraid but she just wants to go home. So, Herman and I may take another ride up this evening to go see her and his dad, who is very upset about this whole ordeal.

Well..that's it for many things to do. Peace!

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