Monday, July 12, 2004

Too busy..


1) The "new" old job was fine...survived last week with nary a bruise or bump..I used to LOVE this job til the owner made me hate it due to issues with his temper. They were really glad to have me back, tho..There was coffee and donuts waiting for me on Tuesday morning when I returned..

2) I miss my "old" job..went in on Wednesday to name wasn't on the schedule so I got pissed and went home..20 minutes later Eddie (manager) called and said, " Why the hell'd you go home, girl?! Get back here!"...Apparently he just knows that I'll show up on Wednesday's from now on so why put my name on the schedule?!

3) Speaking of my "old job" "Homey G" threw her husband out for cheating on her with the sister-in-law of the OTHER owner!! Can't say tooooo much but this is a really messed up situation...and my heart goes out to "G" and her kids...

4) Attended my first Unicameral Board meeting as an Elder of the Church..cracked them up when I said, "My name is Sharon...and can I just say that I CANNOT wait to vote on something?!" (As a Deacon representative, I was only allowed to give my report and NOT vote or voice an opinion..)

5) "Boo" leave for SC (Dar's sister's house) on Wednesday..She'll be there (with Dar and the boys) til the following Sunday and then back to FL for 2 weeks...Has she packed or done ANYTHING for this trip?! NO WAY!

6) Haven't done Paranormal Research Training yet...but it's been a busy time for everyone involved so I'm not pushing it..

7) Had a wonderful weekend with Herman! We had a barbeque Saturday (Mark, Heather and their friend Steve) and quiet! Sunday we took a trip to Pt. Pleasant for a bit after Church..

8) Herman got hurt this evening while he was benching. (A little background: He tore his right pectoral muscle 2 or so years ago..his chest is lopsided because of it.)  This eveong he was doing light (ok, 315 pounds...light for him) presses and he felt something give in his left pec (pectoral muscle) so he came right home. His pec is swollen so we alternated ice and heat..we'll see how he is in the morning. We called Wayne (he works for his uncle, who is an orthopedic surgeon) to ask his opinion of what we should do. He said we were doing the right thing and he'd talk to hisuncle in the morning and see what Herman should do next and what sign to look for, as far as another torn pec. YUCK. He's in pain...poor Herman.

9) I've been "lurking" in other journals...too much going on to comment. No time to really sit and write an entry in my own journal. Lila from Dear Diary has had to take a few weeks off from journaling..I'll miss her..

10) Hi to everyone! And now, I shall say ....G'night! Peace....


dymphna103 said...

315 light,, I wish I could do a 100.  But then I run.  glad you are ok with the new old job  john

brimasta1 said...

Sounds like things are working out. Thanks for the comments on my journal. :)