Monday, July 26, 2004

STILL too busy! Sometimes that's not a bad thing...

If anyone has been checking in to see what's new with me, I apologize. Herman was on vacation all last week and required LOTS of attention...that I was more than willing to give him! LOL!

I took off Tuesday and Wednesday so that we could do something with Ray and The Boy. (Remember, Boo is in FL with Dar..) I'm always off on Mondays so this gave us 5 full days to enjoy ourselves. We decided to go to Dorney Park for the day on Wednesday..Of course, we couldn't go without inviting Mark and Heather...and they couldn't go without inviting their friends Steve and all told, 9 of us went! (Rachel's boyfriend Bryan joined us, too...) We had a BLAST! I would have liked to have gone on  the rides a few more times (we only went on each ride once) but it was a day well spent.

The rest of the week we went out to eat alot and just hung around, enjoying each other's company. We (Herman and I) are going thru a period of renewal in our relationship..we just plain adore each other! We are getting used to not having to cater to our children and I think that we're gonna like it! Several people have recemtly said to one or the other of us that we should teach marriage classes..or they've pointed out how they see the love in our eyes when we're looking at each other or speaking of each other. "Homey G" told me that part of the reason she threw her no-good cheating husband out is because, after working with me, she realized that there ARE people who love each other and who have fun in their marriage. Well...I certainly DO NOT profess to knowing how to make a realtionship work. I just know that our relationship does...and does it well. Sure, we have stupid petty arguments..we bicker...But I have never said a bad word about my husband to anyone...mostly because there isn't much bad about the man.

We so totally balance each other out. Like a seesaw, if I'm getting really crazy and going higher and higher, he can level me out...And when he's getting serious and going down, I lift him up...and vice versa, if you will. We make each other laugh...and that might just be the most important thing. If you don't laugh, then you one wants tears all the time, right? (Trust me, we've shared PLENTY of tears..but we've SHARED them, never have we suffered alone.)

Hmmm..I was gonna make this a light and airy "what we did on our vacation" entry but I seem to have digressed...and there's no better place to digress to then my husband's arms...

Peace! Hope everyone is well!


hillareeday said...

What a love story! Love like that is out there. I know because I have stumbled across one of the good guys too!

chickeebaby75 said...

Wow! It's so nice to hear about two people who are so in love! I'm very happy for you both!