Wednesday, July 28, 2004

My last day at the restaurant..

I did it...I quit my 1 day a week job at the restaurant today. My reasoning is this: My "new" old job wants me to start working a 5 day work week come September. I would like some time off this summer, maybe take the kids to the beach or just hang out. This way, I'll be off on Mondays and Thursday til September. I'll miss the place, the people but not the gossipy bullsh** that goes on day to day. Sure, every job has some of that going on but it really seems to be more prevalent in the restaurant industry. They recently hired another woman for day shift. I met her today and really liked her. So much so that I gave her my much coveted M&M tie because she loved it. I'll never wear it again so it should be given to someone who will be happy wearing it. I'm going to give away my Dr. Seuss "One Fish, Two Fish" tie and my flags of the world tie, too...Maybe Donna would like one. I was known for my quirky ties. Whenever a customer saw my tie, they would usually smile and tell me how much they loved it.

I'm going to miss my customers, the guys in the kitchen and my manager, Eddie. I had so much fun working there. But like Herman says, sometimes it can't just be about the fun...gotta be about the pay, too. I do have fun at my new job, just not alot of people to have fun with.

So, I made $2.00 today..I took the lounge and it was DEAD. I had 1 table, 1 guy. Eddie bought me lunch: grilled chicken breast topped with garlic and olive oil soaked red peppers, fresh mozzerella cheese and pico de gallo...YUM! Then he made me an Electric Raspberry Martini which tasted really strange but I couldn't seem to put down! LOL!!

Herman went to the gym early so that we can spend some time together this evening. He knows that I was sad to leave the restaurant. God, I can almost feel tears welling up in my eyes...I cried (ok, sniffled) when I had to say goodbye to everyone. ( I don't do goodbyes really well.)

Anyway, it's been a long day so I'm gonna take a quick nap before Herman gets back..Peace!


brimasta1 said...

Sounds like a good plan with havin some extra time off before you get to the 5 day a week ratrace. Luckily, my shift is only 3 days a week and I have 4 days off which is sweet! Electric Raspberry Martini sounds good, might have to try one of those!

hillareeday said...

Enjoy your time off! It must have been difficult saying goodbye. The restaurant sounds like a fun place to work.

dymphna103 said...

Hey enjoy the kids while you can   john

jlanca5866 said...

That "Electric Raspberry Martine" sure sounds good!  Cheers!