Thursday, October 27, 2005

Catch up time..AGAIN!

Things have been fairly quiet here..always a good thing. Rachel's car is totalled so she's been begging ride..and begging to use our car/truck. I let her drive my car one night but told her not to get used to it. Herman's let her take the Maxima a few time..he's better at sharing than I am!

Have done a couple of investigations recently. We were invited by a fellow research team, NJPR , to do an investigation of a great old Victorian home in north Jersey. I got several evps (electronic voice phenomena) and "sensed" something near me in one of the rooms. We also went back to the Viginia Tavern in Jersey City. It was pretty quiet that night. But it was great to be back investigating! I'll let you know when the results are posted for both these investigations. We have another big investigation coming up on Nov. 4 in central NY. Can't wait for that one! It's a haunted restaurant! We've invited NJPR to join us as our ranks have dwindled recently...

Speaking of dwindling ranks, we lost our co-ordinator and his soon to be ex-wife. All very bad news. It was a shame that they left but it was also understandable. They were going thru too much and couldn't really give their attention to the group. That and other reasons..but mostly that they couldn't devote any time to TSPR.  I know that I will miss the both of them.

This week I made a decision about my Church situation. I resigned from the Board of Elders (Unicameral Board, in Presbyterian-speak) on Tuesday. Have I heard from the pastor? NO! What's really a shame is that the following day I had to be at the Church to assist with the photo taking for the new directory and, of course, it was the pastor's day to have his picture taken!! I was very polite and cordial and I checked out his 3 week old baby. You know, he didn't even know my name or that I was the one who resigned??!! Well, this just totally pissed me off! I sat on the board for over a year, with a name tag in front of me!! And he doesn't know my name? This just further justified my resignation. Right now I'm just not quite ready to make a decision regarding leaving the Church completely. I know that the Church is the people and not the minister but in this case, he has caused many hurt feelings and many controversies. I know of several people who are looking into having him removed. I'm also aware that several people have gone to the interim associate minister and complained at length about him. Oh, anyway...I hate this so much. I just want to go to a Church where the minister knows my name and has a firm handshake. I want to feel as tho I matter.

Herman, my mother and I are leaving for AZ to see Jackie on Dec. 3rd!! I can't wait! Jackie is counting the days and making plans on what she wants to do and see. We just can't wait to see her and love her up! We'll be there for 4 nights so I may get to see Sedona after all! I convinced Herman to stay that extra day so that we can do some sightseeing of our own. All he wants to see is a canyon! LOL!! We'd go to the Grand Canyon but it's a 6 hour drive from Phoenix. I'm sure that there are other canyons around, tho.

Well...I think that's about it for right now! Peace!!

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onmiownnow2 said...

I've always wanted to go to Arizona, too!  Have a great time and take lots of pics for your Journal!  I can't wait to see them!  Huggs!  Lisa