Monday, October 10, 2005

Check out my son's band!!

Check out my son's band, The Oddessy. My son is the skinny kid who plays the guitar.....Johnny. (I call him John...where'd he get Johnny from??! LOL!!)

Listen to "Fireworks for  Four"'s a great song!

What a talented bunch of kids!

(When do I get my house in Rumson??!! C'mon Mommy a nice house! LOL!!!)


tmmiles4 said...

Rumson???  You need to dream bigger than that!  Miss ya!

samnsmile5 said...

I checked these guys out ~ Yes...they are talented.  Not exactly my kind of music but hey...I'm an old lady.  :)   I wish them all the luck in hitting it BIG ~ for you...and that big house you deserve.  :)


cafeteome said...

Michele..I'd have to agree with you! Not my kind of music either! LOL!! Kids these days....