Wednesday, October 12, 2005

hter than a bad case of whiplash.Rachel, Rachel, Rachel...

Well...Rachel totaled her (my) car last night..

She's ok, except for a bad case of whiplash..

She was going to her friend's (Anthony) house last night. She was making a left hand turn and a woman who was travelling on the same road smashed into her. Ray was going west on our street and the woman was goin east on the same road. Ray wanted to make left turn on to a side street when BAM! This woman plowed into her! It was dark and rainly out and this woman did not have her headlights on!!! She was driving a dark car so Rachel (and Anthony) never saw her!! Ray pulled right in front of the oncoming car! The accident occurred in fromt of Anthony's house..Anthony's grandfather heard the accident eight away and ran outside, only to see that the other car didn't have their headlights on.

Anyway..this really sticks because there is no way I can replace Ray's car. And we don't have collision on the car, due to the age of the car. (11 years Gram gave me the car when she was dying. It has alot of sentimental value for me...)  The car (a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera) has extensive front end damage..not worth repairing.

Sometimes life is so unfair..



tmmiles4 said...

As long as Ray is ok...thats all that'll always have memories of gram....whether or not you have the car......better to lose the car than Ray...will try & call & miss ya!

cafeteome said...

Wow!! My spelling is really bad in this post..and what about the title?! LOL! Not sure what I was going for..Altho, I THOUGHT the title was "Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.." not too sure what happened with that!