Wednesday, November 2, 2005

The investigation was posted!

The investigation that we (TSPR) did with NJPR was posted today! You can go HERE to see the results. It was one of the coolest investigations that I've been on in awhile. TSPR is doing an investigation this Friday night but I'm not able to make it. :(  Herman is doing his side job on Friday night and we can't leave these kids home alone all night. I'd be gone from 5pm until about 3-4am and Herman is gone from 9pm til 4am. I'll use my time wisely that night and get the 10BILLION loads of laundry done!! LOL!

In other news: The children are ALL doing well! Yippee! I spoke to Jckie the other night and she continues to do very well in her recovery. The rest of 'em are all doing well in school. I can't believe that the first marking period is almost over!

Sad to hear that Michele over at "Letting it All Sink In" is closing up shop for awhile. There are alot of us who will miss her. Good luck and be well, Michele!!

Gotta go...dishes to wash, clothes to fold!



whizgem said...

Hi SHARON....I am back!...LOL.  Just took a little break from the J-Land....maybe I am just so lazy to write an entry or just nothing much about me....blame it to something....LOL.  I read back your entries and a lot have happened, huh?......We could not hold/control fate and I believe everything is a plan....I am sending you my prayers to bless your way, a wish to lighten the moment and a cheer to prefect your day!  Take care, stay safe and be well......CHOY :-)

onmiownnow2 said...

Hi Sharon.... I just wanted to let you know that I used you as one of the characters in my entry today.  I hope you don't mind!  Huggs!  Lisa