Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Rachel..my poor Rachel..

Poor Rachel.

I received a phone call today at work at around 945am. Rachel was in the nurse's office (once again!) complaining that she felt like she was "going to die". I begrudgingly told the nurse that I was coming to get her..because Rachel said that she was too sick to drive the car home. (All the time I was thinking "Why does this always happen on the day that I have to work and Keith is in a bad mood to begin with?!) When I got to the high school, Rachel came out holding her head..in tears. I drove her home in silence, thinking that she was just being super sensitive to a headache.

We got home and I called the pediatrician. (Of course, Tuesday is her day off so I called her office expecting to be told to bring Ray to the on-call doctor..who, of course, was booked with their own patients and couldn't POSSIBLY see Ray today.) Fortunately our pediatrician was on-call today so I left a message for her. In the meantime Rachel told me that she was getting a sharp pain from temple to temple and it was blurring her vision. Of course, bad thoughts go thru my mind...aneurysm? tumor?...so I decide (after waiting 20 minutes for a return call from the pediatrician) to take her to the emergency room. Rachel was in excrutiating pain the whole time...and nauseous to boot.

To make a very long (4 1/2 hours to be precise) story short...They gave her IV pain medication, did a CT scan of her head and decided that it's a migraine. We weren't home 20 minutes before the pain came back. I ran to the pharmacy to fill the prescription for pain...she's taken it twice already. She's not getting much relief from the pain.

Before I forget..Please hold Alisa in your prayers. She is a 3 year old who was found drowning in her pool on Sunday. She is the daughter of a friend's friend. She is making remarkable progress but is still in need of prayers. Also, if you could say a little prayer for Rachel, I would be very grateful. Things haven't been going her way lately. I'm planning on taking her to the pediatrican tomorrow so that I can get a referral to a neurologist.

Sorry to be sharing such "yucky" news lately...it's one of the reasons that I haven't posted lately..you know, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything".  ::sigh::   I just feel so badly for Ray..Something's gotta give SOON,right?!

I still need to fill you in about Gettysburg..and prom..and the trip to Wildwood that wasn't for Ray and Becky. They made it exactly 4 hours before we had to make the 2.5 hour trip down to pick them up...from the police station!! (They weren't in trouble..just in "protective custody".)

I wish our lives weren't like a soap opera...Please...Give us some.......


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