Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Catch up time

I have a few free moments so let's play "catch-up" shall we?

Memorial Day weekend: Rachel and Becky headed to Wildwood Crest with some friends for the weekend. (Yes, I am "that" mother who allows her children a certain amount of freedom and trust..) One of their roommates for that weekend got into a fight with some kids from another town and ran into the room to get away from the fight...followed by the local police department. Everyone in the room was interogated by the police and they took Rachel and Becky in under "protective custody" to be sure that if another fight broke out, they weren't hurt because they were minors. They would only release them to us so this meant a 2.5 hour trip down the Garden State Parkway. Oh, also..the kid that was beating up their friend accidently punched Rachel in the face. She was ok..just shaken up. So this ruined not only their weekend, but we were out alot of money.

Sunday of that weekend we went to my cousin's shore house in Tuckerton. We had a great time! Very casual, relaxed time. I went for my very first ride on a jet ski! John went down with us since he is good friends with my cousin's daughter. We brought his friend Matt with us, also. Monday we had a barbeque at my sister's. Nice, quiet time. Just hung out and ate like pigs! LOL

Gettysburg: I had such a great time exploring this place. I didn't think that it would affect me the way that it did. I hope to return one day. It was a beautiful town and park. The "ghosthunting" on this trip was ruined by the crowds of people and the noise they made. We tried but I don't think that anyone got much of anything.

I had a blast at the campsite, tho! The first night we were there we had a campfire and we rolled our asses off! I laughed so hard that I was snorting! We laughed so hard that some of us were in tears and I couldn't catch my breath! I just love hanging out with this group...they're all great people! We had a bit of rain but it couldn't dampen our spirits. And let me tell you...we ate like royalty thanks to Bruce. We had omelets for breakfast, chili for lunch and mahi mahi in a garlic cream sauce over fettucine for dinner!! And my latest junk food craving is for Costco trail mix. Damn that stuff is good!

Well...I believe that catchs me up for now. I'm off to pick up John's music equipment from his friend's house..yippee.

Quick update: The little girl that I asked you to pray for is doing alot better. She's still on a respirator but the doctors are pleased with her progress so far. Please continue to keep her and her family in your prayers. She has a long recovery ahead of her. Also, the boy in the car accident (Rachel's friend) is home from the hospital and from rehab but he is also still in nned of your prayers. He has a very long road ahead of him.

G'night...and Peace!

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donah42 said...

I visited Gettysburg once years ago. It does have a very powerful energy. I hope you get to go back & explore further.