Friday, June 17, 2005

More of this and that..

Had to go to the doctor's yesterday. Seems that I have a virus that's attacking my upper respiratory system. Feels like I have asthma but I don't..THANK GOD!! My sister and my dad have asthma and it freaks me out. My sister gets very bad asthma attacks where she can't breathe...just awful. Anyway, I'm on all kinds of sprays and cough medication. Unfortunately the one spray makes me jump out of my skin so I won't take alot of it.

TSPR (the paranormal research team that I belong to) is going to the ParaCon in Stratford CCT today! I'm going even  tho I'm not feeling great. Actually, I'm doing the driving for this. I prefer to drive...a "control issue" of mine..LOL!! We're leaving around 2pm today. We'll have dinner with the guest speakers this evening and we'll stay over. The conference is all day tomorrow. Then another meet and greet thing..I expect that we won't get back home til very late on Saturday night. It should be very interesting and alot of fun!!

Well..I have lots to get done before I leave so...PEACE!

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