Sunday, October 24, 2004

Odds and ends..

First, let me spread the good news by announcing that CHOY from "A Life With A Million Smiles" journal is BACK!! His new journal is "A Life With A Million Smiles:A New Beginning". Please stop by and welcome him back to j-land, won't you? He writes with such enthusiam and gusto...what a great perspective on life this guy has! WELCOME BACK CHOY! Now, how's that for "pimping"?! LOL!

I've been doing really well with my "eating better" (not even eating right, just better!) plan. I've cut out most fat from my diet but I'll have butter-blend on my potato (because alternatives plain suck..sorry)..sorry, this girls loves her some butter! I've avoided sweets, fried foods, chips, snacks etc. I've added more fresh fruit and fruit juices in place of sweets. And I'm telling ya, if you close your eyes really tight, prunes really DO taste like candy! (No, really..they do. I'm a HUGE prune fan, and not for the obvious reasons...I just really like the taste of 'em.) I've also replaces potato chips with Terra Chips, a slightly healthier version of chips. And tasty!! (My personal favorites are the sweet potato chips.) Ok, so I'm trying. I'm quietly lowering my cholesterol by eating handfuls of Cheerios (dry, no milk)for breakfast. Now, of I could just find the time (energy, motivation, etc) to start exercising. I figure that I should start slowly, like walking. I walk at a fairly rapid pace (trust me..only Ray can keep up with me..the rest complain that I need to slow down) so this should be a real good start. Then once I build up some sort of tolerance for exercise and the weather turns colder, I'll head to the gym (that we've been paying for for 2 years and I've only gone 3 times). Anyway, I do look a bit thinner and I fit into a pair of jeans that was giving me a hard time a few weeks ago, so it's all good.

Jackie was in the hospital again this week...a virus she picked up from the other kids. In and out in 4 days. She really needs to start taking better care of herself and her diabetes. It's so frustrating to watch a "grown child" (and that's what she is...a 22 year old child) have such little regard for her health and well-being.

Tonight I have my first cemetary investigation. Should be interesting. It's just that it's quite a way from my house. I'll drive up to Jersey City and then Ali will drive the rest of the way. Long day/night ahead of me. Only 5 more days til the BIG INVESTIGATION!! We don't really know too much about what's going to happen but the 2 stars from "Dead Famous" are supposed to be there with their TV crew and their own paranormal research team. God, I pray that they bring bathroom facilities with them...even a porta potty will be fine. 6 hours on a deserted (and supposedly haunted) island with no bathroom way. Especially if the "ghosts" scare the piss out of us! (Sorry..couldn't resist!) I really hope that we don't get "punk'd"...anyone know the whereabouts of Ashton Kutcher?! Just asking..

Well...I'm gonna close for now and get some house stuff done before I leave..Everyone enjoy the rest of their weekend..Peace!


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