Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Bannerman Island Investigation

Well, the investigation was as interesting and exciting as promised! We got to Newburgh around 430pm. We had to wait for the harbormaster (George) so we had a bite to eat at a great New Orlean's type bistro. I had chicken and chorizo gumbo over rice..Mmm-mmm good! We got on the (overloaded) boat around 545pm and headed to the island. Boy, was she beautiful! There are 67 stairs up to the main walk way. Whew..we were all out of breath!

What a great investigation! Ali and I just wanted to pitch a tent and stay for the night! I cannot go in to details about the invest but as soon as the invest is posted on the TSPR website, I'll let you know!

It was a WAY COOL place! And I had a WAY COOL time. Oh, and the boat that was coming back to get us after he dropped off the film crew..well...the propeller broke! For a few moments we thought our wish to stay overnight on the island would come true!! But he made it back to us and we were safely back on land at 10pm.

Anyway...a great fantastic WAY COOL time was had by all!!

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