Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My First paranormal investigation!!

Sunday night I did my very first paranormal investigation!! We went to The Virginia Tavern in Jersey City, NJ. When you go to the link, you can clearly see a picture of me (staring at a monitor with my back to the camera) with an orb on my shoulder!! The owner of the bar took the pictures. The experience was fun. People ask me if I'm scared or nervous when I'm doing this. The answer is NO. I'm more excited than nervous or scared.

Next week we're doing a cemetary investigation. That should be really cool! The week after that is the Bannerman Island investigation with the crew of  "Dead Famous", a show that is aired in England. We've been told that we'll be there from 330pm til at least 9pm! I'm actually more excited about the investigation than I am about the TV part of it.

Finally, my son had a major "gig" this past weekend. He is in a band and plays the electric guitar. They totally rocked the house! (And, yes..it was a real house! LOL) Ray, Boo and I caught their performance in the 120 degree basement of someone's really awesome mom who allowed this!

I hope everyone is well ...Peace!

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