Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ok, I'm private!

Lots has happened since I last wrote..Let's recap, shall we?

Jackie: It took Jackie all of 2 weeks of being home before she started using again. She would up in the hospital on Memorial Day. We allowed her to come home because she was waiting to hear on a rehab. That never came to fruition. Instead of looking into rehabs, she just kept using and laying around my house, doing nothing and leaving a mess after her. We told her that she had til June 23 to either find a rehab or that she's have to leave. The week before the deadline she was all strung out and we said that we were (once again) sending her back to AZ because we knew that the program out there worked. A few days later she told us that she absolutely woud NOT be going back to AZ. We told her again that she would have to move out the following Sunday. Sunday came around and she made no effort of leaving. She forced our hand and we had to tell her to leave. She didn't leave on her own, rather she made us the "bad guys" because we told her to leave. Where did she go? My mother's, of course. My mother, who bought Jackie's return ticket from AZ without consulting us as to whether or not Jackie could come back into our home...THAT mother. Of course, Jackie is over there, bad-mouthing us to my mom and my sister. Again. (See why I HAD to go private?!) Heroin (or any  type of)addiction makes everyone involved suffer...

Gym: I've been averaging 4 times a week. Haven't lost any weight but I have gained some muscle...and respect!! The above pictures were taken awhile ago. I'm beginning to notice that my clothes are fitting much better and...I've gone down 1 size, into a size 10! I ran around the house the other day screaming, "Yay!! My "Daisy Dukes" fit me!!!" Mark is still using reverse psychology on me, saying that I won't last. 7 weeks and counting!

Rachel: Our 18 year old Rachel graduated high school a week ago tonight! (Thursday) We had a party for her on Saturday, amidst (pun intended) all the rain. We had mostly all family so they didn't mind being stuck in the house. We had most of the party catered, so as to make it easier on us.

I guess that's about it..No gym for me til tomorrow night. I had oral surgery yesterday and the doctor said that I shouldn't go back til Friday...and even then, take it easy til next week. I was in major pain yesterday but haven't neededso much as a Tylenol today! (I ABHOR pain and I'm a baby about it.)



donah42 said...

I'm impressed with your gym-going!
Sorry about Jackie :( Keep us posted.

whsprdphsh said...

Sorry to hear about the big one.  Addiction is a bitch; what more is there to say?  And I'm so so so so so very happy that you don't blame yourself or think yourself a bad mother because she ended up using.  It can happen to any kid, and you're an excellent mother.

I'm very happy to see your progress in the gym.  Your pictures look great!  Remember though, we're not meant to look like those girls in magazines.  Keep yourself within what's recommended on the BMI chart (your doctor should have one), and don't follow the temptation to go below and have that "perfect" body.  But you're a sensible woman, so I don't see you doing that.  But I'm a mom and I have to nag (you know, it's rule #2 in the manual they give you when you have a kid).  

It seems as though for the most part things are going well.  Congrats to Rachel!  She is gorgeous!!  What a smile!  

I hope things continue to go well.  And thanks again for the add.  Also, in your journal, my journal is listed as private.  It's no longer private.  Just FYI.  

Take care sweetie,