Monday, April 10, 2006

I got 'em good!

Well, last weekend (April 1st) I got my kids good...REAL good! I picked up my nephew that Saturday, under the pretense of picking up an old friend, "Dianne". I told him that my own children wouldn't accompany me to the airport and that he was a real sport for helping me out. I had a bouquet of flowers that I'd like him to hand to "Dianne" when she showed up. We waited for her down by the security area. When she didn't show up, we decide to move sown to the baggage area. I told him that we needed to keep an eye out for her. I told him that she kind of looked like Jackie, tall and blonde. Well, here comes Jackie down the ramp!! He looks at me and says, "Aunt Sharon! Your friend looks EXACTLY like Jackie!" Well, I cracked up as Jackie ran up to him and gave him a huge hug!! He pulled away from her , as to say "Why is this stranger who looks EXACTLY like my cousin hugging me?!" We both looked at him and said, " It IS Jackie!!" He nearly hit the floor!!! I gave her a long hug and we headed for home, where only Herman and I knew she was coming home for a visit.

I had left a note earlier in the morning (prior to my leaving for the airport) stating that each child (Rachel, Becky and John) had a chore to do and that they MUST all be home when I got back from "the store". (A little background: I told Rachel that she absolutely must be off from her job as we were having a huge family dinner.) I told them that I would have numerous packages that I owuld need help unloading. So, now here we are, heading towards the house. I called and told them that I had a bit of a surprise for them a rather large package that would require all 4 of us to get out of my truck and into the house. Becky pushed for more info, but I wasn't giving any. I told her that they ALL had to be outside or no deal. So when I pulled up to the house and only Becky and John were outside, I refused to let them approach the truck til Rachel was outside to help. When Rachel showed up, my nephew jumped out of the truck exclaining "April Fools, suckers!!"  Rachel said, " I can't believe you got me outta bed to unload groceries..bad joke." I told Rachel that I really DID have a surprise for them and that she should just open the back door. WELL!!!! The screaming and crying that ensued after that!! They were sooooo happy to see their sister after 7 long months!!!

Yeah...I got 'em good!

We had a great time: did dinner with my family, did dinner with Herman's family, did a lot of talking...oh we had such a great time! She looks GREAT!! (I will post pictures next post...whenever that may be!) She returned back to AZ that Wednesday...not willingly, but she did it. (Good girl, Jackie!!) Jackie will be moving back in late June...

Well...I've had a BUSY I'm soooo outta here!




jusmeinia7 said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day with the family.  It had to be the best to see Jackie again after so long away.  Glad to hear shes doing so good.  Really enjoyed our IM today Sharon,  you were missed!  

samnsmile5 said...

Way to go!!  Fun way to surprise everyone and I'm so glad Jackie got to spend time at home for a while.  Please post some pics!!