Monday, December 19, 2005

The Sears saga continues..

Well, Sears called this morning to reschedule my appointment. When I told them that I was already rescheduled for Friday afternoon, they told me that I wasn't. EXCUSE ME??!! Then they had the sheer audacity to tell me that I wasn't home when the tech arrived on Saturday. They somehow turned this on me!! No, you're right...I WASN'T home when the tech arrived on Saturday...AT 820PM....Oh, I SOOO cannot wait for the manager to call me. (At this point I'm beginning to think that this will never be resolved.) Anyway...they put me in touch with scheduling or dispatch, who was able to get me back on Friday's schedule. Until, of course, some called me a half hour later to rescedule me!!! I said, again, no, I'm already scheduled for Friday...and she tells me that I'm NOT!! (Can you tell that a vessel is about to burst in my head?!) So, she says that someone will call me back...which they haven't yet. And it isn't even so much that the TV isn't's the runaround I'm getting that is TOTALLY frustrating!! I'll keep ya' posted..

Christmas. Sigh. Not feeling Christmas this year. To the point that I burst into tears every time I hear a Christmas song. Really. May be that I'm sad that Jackie won't be home for Christmas. (Early "empty nest syndrome"?) May be that I'm so sick of the commercialism that is Christmas. Don't know. Haven't gotten a damn thing done yet. No tree, no gifts. (Note: Herman already took care of the girls and I took care of John in one single purchase at Sam Ash music store the other day. It's the rest of my family that hasn't been taken care of...) Can I run this by you?  Every year Herman and I say that we're NOT buying for each other. But yet, he buys me something and I have NOTHING for him. Which makes me feel awful. question is: Even tho I told him that he is FORBIDDEN to buy me anything, should I buy him something just in case??!! He always catches me off-guard!! Answers anyone??!

In closing...anyone noticed that I've posted 2 days in a row?? (Don't they hand out awards for that? LOL!!)

I'm tired..and worn out from dealing with



bigj021885 said...

Sorry to hear about the Sears situations.  What a bunch of freaking jerks they are.  As far as getting something for Herman goes, might I suggest some cologne, if you decide to buy him anything.  It's not much and is something you can get in a pinch.  Anyway, just my two cents.  Have a blessed Merry Christmas, Sharon!


garnett109 said...

Yep go out and spend a ton on him!