Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm not going

I will not be moving my blog..for several reasons.

A) I'm too busy to move right now.

B) I don't like change. (Who does?!)

C) I might lose some of my j-land buddies..I mean, really LOSE them like not be able to find each other!!

and finally

D) If I scroll down just a bit, the ad moves up and out of view! Now how easy is that?!

I'm not criticizing anyone who has left..I don't blame them one bit. Thing is, I battle TOO many things in a day (kids, job, boss, house, etc.)...I don't need another!! ( We all battle things everyday..I'm just not in the "fight mode" at this stage of my life.)

I will genuinely miss my friends who have left j-land for ad-free blogs. And I will (as soon as I can!) update the "my favorite journals" with links to their new digs.

I do have to say, tho, without the alerts, it may take me awhile to find my way over. But I'll be there. And, if need be, I will create a blogspot name just so that I can comment. Maybe I'll email. But I'll make my presence known...somehow.

I wish all my friends much happiness in their new "homes"..and for those of you who have decided to stay, well..the neighborhood has just gotten a bit smaller.

Love and peace to all my friends!

1 comment:

brimasta1 said...

Im with ya on the Ad's. They arent that bad. But I agree with the whole principle of not having them. How was thanksgiving? :)