Monday, September 12, 2005

Update on Michael

First, thank you all for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated by everyone in our family.

Micheal is doing much better than expected!!

He woke up late Saturday night. They took him off the respirator when they determined that he was breathing on his own. He started talking and he knew what day it was!! He doesn't remember the night of the accident or what happened to bring him to the hospital...and that's ok.

Late Sunday afternoon they moved him form the ICU into a regular room! This was most encouraging! He is running a fever (to be expected) and he was in pain, but they were keeping him comfortable. He was much more swollen yesterday, most likely from the surgery he had on his head and sinuses.

The family is in a much better place than they were the past several days. They will have to deal with the details of the accident (which is a criminal matter) and that will be very stressful for them. Michael's only crime was that he made a bad decision. Other people involved willingly commited a crime. (Sorry I'm cryptic but I can't really get into details.)

Anyway..thanks for your support and your prayers! You all mean so much to me! Sharon

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swmpgrly said...

i understand , my son is a good kid who made a bad decision.
Lucky for him no one was hurt including himself.