Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Some photos

Not too much to report. I had the day off ..YIPPEE! It's really windy here today. I'm kind of waiting for my front tree to lose it's last rotted branch. Won't that be fun? That, and all the leaves that were in nice neat piles in the backyard are now all on the other side of the NOT so neat piles. Actually, no piles at all! (We're paying the next door neighbor to clean up the yard..I'll bet he's wishing that he had bagged those leaves yesterday!) Jackie is staying at a friend's house all week..wooo-hooo! Peace and quiet! (I say that not because she's loud, but because it will eliminate my need to yell at her constantly! LOL) OK..well..that's all I have today!



whizgem said...

Hi SHARON,  Just dropping by to say hello and hope things are fine and well with you.  Nice family pic!  Enjoy!  Take care, stay safe and be well.....Just me,  CHOY :-)

brimasta1 said...

Beautiful family Sharon!