Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Photos and a "pimp"

As promised, I've added some pictures from Christmas. (Please note: When choosing these pictures, I managed to select the ones where the kids had their eyes closed! This was by mistake! LOL. But, since this is the second time I'm doing this {because I accidently deleted everything last night} I'm not changing them AGAIN!)

Also, please visit Ali's new journal and welcome her to AOL j-land. Ali is a long-time member of TSPR and a good friend of mine!

On other fronts, Herman is off all week! Yay! I have to work but I was off Monday and I'm off today. I may even get off on Friday! Wooo-hooo! Herman is hard at work painting my family room a cool shade of blue. I'll do some laundry and clean my leather furniture. (Yeah, we're a fun crowd! LOL)

Anyway...lots to do today so I'd better get going...Peace!


hillareeday said...

It looks like your family had a wonderful holiday. Everyone is gorgeous and your house looks great all decorated, even the kitchen!!! LOL
Have a happy new year!

dr31415 said...

I don't know how I got to your journal (it was a very diverted path) but I enjoyed reading about your family and your Christmas.  Your kids are beautiful.  Are they all teens?  I have three teens myself.  By the way, what's a "pimp"... other than a man who mangages prostitutes?  This is a word I don't really know as used in your subject.