Monday, September 6, 2004

Labor Day Weekend..

Well....another summer here and gone..Kind of sad but yet, kind of refreshing! Kids go back to school in the morning..7am is the rising time in this house (ONLY during school, tho!)..Herman and I have had a wonderful summer together..what, whith the youngest being 13 years old....we were ALWAYS alone!!

I start my 8am til 4pm shift next week...thought I'd savor "sleeping in" for just 1 more week..Herman is off this week (Lucky bastard!) so we;ll have Wednesday together! Yippeeeee! I wish that amusement parks stayed open the week that kids went back to school so that parents could enjoy the park sans children! Ahhhh! To be in Dorney Park without a million screaming children! No lines, no screaming..pure fun!! Well...maybe we'll do something, even if it just turns out to be breakfast at the diner!

Had a barbeque this evening, family (mine) only. My family wouldn't care much for our friends so we decided to spare them..(our friends, that is! LOL) Shall we review the menu?! OK: Appetizers were your basic "chips 'n dip"...tortilla chips with a taco- seasoned sour cream  and salsa plus potato chips with onion dip...nothing extravagant; Hamburgers and Boar's Head hot dogs, pretty yummy if you ask me!; Herman's famous barbequed ribs!! Mmm-mmm! We passed on the flank steak this evening...just too DAMN much food! For dessert my mom brought over fresh baked brownies and Sara Lee's chocolate-dipped cheesecake squares! ( Oh yeah, throw in some shrimp on the barbie, pickles and home-made potato salad {Mom's} and let's call it a party!!)

All in all, it was a success. I had not seen my sister since she came back from CA so it was good to see them, especially my 8 year old nephew. We had a few good laughs and reminisced, which is always fun...

The kids are sort of glad to go back to school this year..Please, dear God..I pray that this year is a realllllly good one for my children! I have to have The Boy evaluated for ADD or ADHD this year as his concentration skills are NOT where they should be.."Boo" is back on her ADD medication so I believe she'll be ok this year. The child that I think "might" have it hardest is Ray because her boyfriend graduated in June so she's without him this year. I think she'll pull thru, tho...she's an A/B student so I can tell if she's having problems if her grades slip..

Hmmmm...any ideas re: what Herman and I should do on our day together on Wednesday?!

In the meantime...a very close friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) has been on my mind alot lately. Things aren't going her way and she's anticipating making MAJOR life changes..(Love ya, miss ya!)

Ok...I hear my dear sweet Herman walking around looking for me so I should go for now...Dar has actually recommended that I give up this journal because I don't update as much as I should and she gets frustrated...Ohhhh..she got pretty punded by Hurricane (by the time it got to them it was a tropical storm, tho) Frances...When I spoke to her the other day they were experiencing 55- 65 mph winds!! (Gusts, not steady winds)..Damn!

I'm rambling..gotta go..Take care and peace!

(OH! Check out this website re: The Pentagon attack on 9/11...I found it fascinating! {I'd like to thank Dar for the following link..}

The 9/11 Pentagon Attack...What REALLY happened?!

I'd appreciate ANYONE'S input as to the validity of this question...make's you go "Hmmmmm..."

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tmmiles4 said...

hey...i think it's a ghost town out there......maybe you need to update more!  love & miss ya!