Thursday, August 26, 2004


Sorry..haven't felt much like journaling has been getting in the way!

Had a CAT scan of my abdomen and pelvis results yet. In the mean time, I still have the pain and discomfort from whatever the hell this is..

Not much to report so I guess I'll pimp some journals..

Need some male insight?'s only a click away! Remo has one of the funniest damn journals around! (Caution: this journal is full of adult content and it MAY make you pee yourself! WEAR DEPENDS!!)

If you're looking for some female perspectives, well hop on over here! This is a GREAT journal, full of the wisdom of 3 terrific women journalers here in J-land! (And they even have male guest writers sometimes!)

As you know, Amy The Hippie is always one of my favorites! She's into astrological potpourri right now..She never fails to either crack me up or make me think..

Looking for a great story? This chick has some of the best stories around! And don't call her "Deb"'s Deborah to you!

Jeff over at "What the Hell?" always has a story to share...and he's in love with Annalisa over at Simple Yet Satisfying...

Can't forget good ol' Gordy...go over and give him a big ol' hug, wontcha?!

Looking for some homespun stories from a sensitive and wonderful man? Go visit John at Losing It..He tells great stories about his nephew Bubba..nice pics, too!

Looking for some heartwarming stories about love and teaching? Ms. Hillaree Day has some wonderful stories to share about her life...and she's in love, too! She'll make you cheer "Brava!!"

Ok..I'll pimp some more journals at a later date..but for now these should keep you plenty busy!

G'night and peace!

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Great list!