Saturday, August 6, 2005


I've not been myself lately, thus no posting in my journal.

Adrian tells me that I need to "LET GO"...

I think that I'll try his advice, as difficult as it may seem..

Need to let go of some of the vile poison that's been coursing thru my veins for a long time..

It ain't gonna be pretty.

I'll be back when I'm my ol' self.



samnsmile5 said... are feeling the same as me!!  I hope you are doing okay...and that you will be back soon too.  I'm reading journals...just not up to posting.  
Good Luck and wishing you the best.  

dr31415 said...

Yes, dear one.  My greatest lesson was letting go.  I had to die first... but came away with a knowing of how to let go.  It's not easy.  We want the world to follow our desires... but sadly it won't.  When you truly let go... you will heal beyond your wildest hopes and dreams.

We are all out here ready to catch you (virtually) as you let go and fall into our arms and the arms of God.

With love,

P.S. You are going to be ok.