Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Yeah, I know..I'm bad..

Yes, I'm quite aware that it's been awhile since I've posted. Shall we play "catch-up"??

Becky left for Dar's on Wednesday the 13th at 8am. I took her to Newark by myself, as Herman had to work. Besides, only 1 parent is allowed to escort her to her gate. She arrived in one piece and they were all happy to see her! They spent this past weekend in Cocoa Beach and at Universal Studios. They had a blast!!

John decided that he wanted to spend a few days at his cousin's house in NY. So, I took a nap after taking Becky to the airport and then drove the hour and twenty minute drive up to my sister in law's house..and turned around (after a cup of tea!!) and drove right back home. Then took Rachel for an MRI of her brain at 9pm that same day!! I was exhausted!

It was nice and quiet around here for a few days, with Becky and John away. Rachel is fairly quiet and spends alot of time away from the house, either with friends or at work. You would think that the house would have been cleaner, but ALAS! It wasn't....

I went on an investigation to a battleship a week or so ago. It was very cool! Once the investigation is posted, I'll put a link here for it. (SJPR invited TSPR to join them for this one so it will be on SJPR's web page.) The cool thing about this investigation was that it was right across the water from a music venue! We got to listen to a live concert of Staind and Three Doors Down...for free!!! LOL....

On a heavier note, please keep my daughter Jackie in your prayers. I won't go into details but she is not doing well, mentally or physically..so please, if you can spare a prayer..my family and I would be very grateful. This child needs more prayers and good thoughts than any of you can imagine. Anyway, thanks in advance for your good thoughts.

I really should go and do some relaxation exercises..keep my head screwed on tightly for the next day or so.



dr31415 said...

Hi Sharon, waiting to hear how Jackie is.  I have sent energy her way... and can tell you that all will be better once the darkness passes.


dr31415 said...

Sharon.  I read more about Jackie... and I worry for you.  

Also, do I understand that your two girls went to florida?  Did they stay with family?  Do they travel alone?  


whizgem said...

Hello SHARON....Been a while.  I myself is playing "catch ups" here, too.  It was so nice to see pictures of your family and friends (in your journal).....you sure are surrounded by wonderful people.  It's nice to hear updates from you.  I hope that JACKIE, will be better in whatever she is in right now.  I still believe (very much) in prayers and HIS Divine Providence......and for sure she (Jackie) will be in my prayers.  Take care, stay safe and be well.....Just me,  CHOY :-)

brimasta1 said...

Hi Sharon, hope things are settling down for you.


samnsmile5 said...

You have been busy!!  I will keep Jackie in my prayers...and hope things get better for all of you.  
Take Care...