Thursday, November 11, 2004

Hangin' out..

Been awhile since my last post..not too much goin' on here! (And somethimes that's a GOOD thing!) Had a HIDA scan for the pain that still exists in my upper right side that they cannot say for sure is my gallbladder..or not. This has gotten to be such a circus...if I'm not at the doctor's, I'm having yet another damn test. It's gotten to the point that I'm just ready to say, "I'll deal with the pain...I'm obviously not dying."

The Big One (Jackie) is being a total pain in the neck. She treats our home like a hotel. IF and WHEN she comes home, she helps herself to whatever food is around and then plops down on the couch and falls asleep. She gets up, leaves her mess, jumps into the shower (MY shower) and leaves another mess there. In between she manages to argue with at least 1 or 2 other family members so that NOW everyone is pissed off. Then she leaves for work, boyfriend's, girlfriend's..wherever...and doesn't bother (most times) to call and let us know that she won't be home. Oh yeah..she drives around in OUR car ('s our 3rd car that we don't really use but it's the principle of the matter) and expects us to take care of it when there is a problem. ALL FOR FREE. She doesn't pay us a dime. Now...before ya'll start..I KNOW THAT YOU CANNOT BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF UNLESS YOU LET A PERSON TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. So..this is my fear..if I throw her out, she's gonna start to use again. Yes, irrational, I know...and enabling, to some extent. But I just can't bear to go thru that again. Arggghhhhhh..OK...done.

On other fronts, TSPR is looking for an indoor investigation to do. I really need to get my reports in for the 3 investigations I already darn busy, tho. Herman and I may go to a new tapas and wine place in town..sounds good, doesn't it? I read the menu last night and it all sounded so good. Besides, they have sangria, the ultimate "happy juice"!!

Work is going good. I like my job. I do almost everything except run service calls!! (I work for a local HVACR company.) I order parts, run parts, schedule, do sales, dispatch, file, answer name it, I probably do it. My boss and I get along like brother and sister. We fight, call each other names, tell bad jokes, share brother and sister. His wife is a doll...and she's going to Heaven for putting up with him. He is neurotic, anal and has a bad case of OCD! I have NEVER in my 43 years ever met such a compulsive neat freak! Everything MUST be lined up properly or he freaks out! It makes me laugh...and you can upset him so easily! The UPS guy is always moving the security cameras to face a wall, the electrician messes up the pillows on the couch and I re-arrange the zillion pens he keeps on the so-called "showcase"...Such fun!!

I hope all is well with everyone of you..Peace!


tmmiles4 said...

may I refer you to my comments posted under your September 28th...Just a few words entry............thats all I have to say AGAIN!  love & miss you!

whizgem said...

Hi SHARON...Thanks for your warm and wonderful comments on my journal.  I am happy to hear that work kept you busy....good or bad?....LOL.  Forget all those worries and headaches at home (treated like a hotel.....LOL) and enjoy wonderful moments with Herman (as you said you are going to that new place in town) deserve to have moments " to breathe", to have fun and relaxation.  Savor each and every experience in life.  OH, sorry, I don't mean to be so "dramatic" here.....LMAO.  Anyway,  I hope all will be fine and well......Take care!!!!!  Just me, CHOY :-)