Thursday, November 4, 2004

A great entry by someone else!!

I found this over at John's journal, Grace Kept Me from Losing It. I got such a kick out of it and I wanted to share it with people who may not have seen it. Please stop by John's journal and say "hey!"...He'll be happy to say hi right back at ya!

My favorite journal entry title today was over at Amy's Hippies in Yuppieland. If you read it, you'll see was hysterical and pretty much sums up the way alot of us felt today.

Please stop over at Brian's Becoming a Firefighter and check out pictures from his wedding. Looks like he had a great time! And what a beautiful bride!!

Well, that's all I have for tonight..Peace!


brimasta1 said...

Thats the best journal selection I have ever seen! lol thanks!

bernmilo said...

Thanks for sharing, will have to check these out!