Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let's play "catch-up"...

I can't believe it's mid January already! Man, time flies!

Let's see...Summer was great. Rachel decided to move in to her boyfriend's place and Becky decided to move into our friend's house to help out with their baby. Sort of a nanny position. Nice and quiet in my house! John is the only one left in the house right now. He misses his sisters, tho.

Fall- Sue and I were lucky enough return to The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO for another great Darkness Radio event! What a beautiful place! Dave and Tim from Darkness Radio always throw such a great event with lots of interesting speakers.

Christmas was kind of quiet. I'm not really a "Christmas" kinda person. Give me Thanksgiving any day! No trying to figure out the "perfect" gift for someone, no crowded spending money you really don't have. Yeah, give me Thanksgiving any ol' day. The Macy's parade, lots of food, great desserts and just hanging out with the family.
Well....that's about it for now. Keep warm wherever you are!

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