Wednesday, August 6, 2008

OMG!! It's August already?!

Time flies..

All is well here. Kids are out and about. Rachel decided to stay at her boyfriend's house for the summer. I suggested it because she and Becky CONSTANTLY argue and I need a break from it. Becky's been in cosmetology school since May. John is just hangin' out this summer. He's a senior this school year...I can't believe it! In May I told him to find a job for the summer. Has yet to happen. He has, however, been extremely helpful around the house. He does the dishes, load/unloads the dishwasher, vacuums, straightens up..etc. Of course he expects to be compensated.

Herman and I are doing well. Took a few trips down the shore. Hung out. Went to Atlantic City for a night. A few of our friends got married this summer so we've been to their respective parties. Looking forward to vacation- last week of August. We hope to do some camping in PA at Ricketts Glen State Park. There are 27 waterfalls! We'll also head to VT for a quick visit with my parents.

Went to see Dave Matthews Band in June with Becky, my sister and her family. We had lawn seats and it rained. My brother in law was arguing with some kids about their behavior. Becky was arguing...her favorite thing to do. So, I bought tickets for just my sister and I to see Dave at Madison Square Garden in one else is invited! Can't wait!!

Was in the hospital for a few day in late June. Food poisoning or salmonella...not sure. I'm all better now!

Sue and I are heading back to Colorado in early November to The Stanley Hotel for a Darkness Radio event. Jason and Grant (of Ghost Hunters fame) will be there. I hope we get snowed in!

Ok..well, I guess I got you all caught up.

Back to the show...



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