Tuesday, January 15, 2008

***slapping my wrist***

I'm still here.

Things have been fairly quiet here in my world. And that's cool.

TSPR: We took on 2 new members recently. Did an investigation at the Paterson house. Going back on Saturday. (Can't wait!)

Life (in general): Good. Everyone is behaving. Went back to the gym last night.

Me: Was sick on and off lately. had a really bad flare up of my fibromyalgia. ( I had stopped drinking tonic water, which had quinine in it. Quinine helps with the pain of fibromyalgia. So, I started drinking it again. Symptoms subsided within several days.Go figure.) Had bad stomache thingy. Not sure what was wrong with me. Feeling better today.

Travels: Nothing to mention. We went to Pt. Pleasant on Jan.6th. Watched the Giant's game. (They won!) Otherwise, we've been close to home.

Holidays: We had Christmas here...22 people for dinner! I have to day that the steam tables I bought a few years ago are the best investment I have made in awhile! So, menu: Ham, lasagna, green bean casserole, balmi (like lo mein), can't remember what else I had!! New Year's Eve I was "home alone"...Herman worked his security gig that night (couldn't pass up the $$) and I stayed on the couch with heating pads and a single serve bottle of champagne. A nice quiet night.

Babies: Our niece had a baby girl on Dec. 25th!. Heather (a close friend) had her son, Bob, on Dec. 27th! and finally, Samantha, our neighbor, had her daughter Jocelyn on Jan. 4th! We had a babay shower for Samantha on Dec. 9th. It turned out great! I cooked most of the food. "Sam" got alot of stuff for the baby.

Other crap: Rachel is considering moving in with her boyfriend of 8 months. We'll see. I'm torn. I'd like to see her become more independent but I'd really miss her. Becky is still Becky. John is doing well. He played (with his band) at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park last week.

Ok..I think that brings us up to speed.



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