Friday, March 10, 2006

"It-Sucks-to- be-Me" Day!!

Yes, it sucks to be me today. I had a tooth extracted about 10 days ago. It was a very traumatic extraction. Took near to half an hour and when the sucker FINALLY came out, the roots were 3/4"-1" long and they were curled in at the bottom!! The dentist stitched it up and said come back in a week. Well, can I tell you that I've been in pain ever since then?! I went back Monday to get the stitches out. It was then that he discovered that I have "dry socket", a condition where the blood clot gets dislodged and exposes the bone. This causes the nerves to react, causing a great deal of pain from my ear to the middle of my mouth!! So, I've been taking Advil, lots of it. I think I have a hole in my stomach from taking so much of it. He packed my extraction site and said to come back on Wednesday. Went back, they removed old packing and put new packing in. Said to come back Friday. Thursday the packing fell out. More pain. Friday (today) I woke up sneezing my butt off. I have a cold. Damn. Went back to dentist..he said that the wound appears to be healing and that he can't really pack it anymore because the it would only fall out. (Note: The packing made the pain less severe..helped the healing progress.) So, he said to just rinse with salt water and take Tylenol has codeine in it and won't give me an ulcer.

Let's hope that it doesn't suck to be me tomorrow...


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samnsmile5 said...

OHHHH you have been in pain!!   That hurts!!   I hope you are feeling better ~  :)  
I was hoping the dentist gave you some pain gosh!!
Hang in there!