Wednesday, February 8, 2006

More updates..

Today is Jackie's 24th and Rachel's 18th birthdays! Yes, they have the same birthday. And yes, we celebrate them together...actually, since John's 15th birthday is on the 18th, we celebrate ALL three birthdays on the same day! (Does it get any easier?!) Becky will be 17 on June 21 so she's the only one who gets her very own party and cake. Enough about that..

Jason continues to make big strides in his recovery. His dad, George, had his cancer surgery yesterday. He's doing very well. He'll get out of the hospital on Thursday.

A few weeks back my mother in law had chest pain that radiated into her back. It wasn't a heart attack, thank God. She had some scans done and it came back that she has a mass in her chest. I spent the night up by them (NY) last night so that I could accompany them to the thoracic surgeon today. ( A few months ago we {Herman, his sister Maureen and I) decided that they could not go to the doctor's without one of us present..Why, you ask? father in law is very hard of hearing and the stories he comes up with are unbelievable!! He takes whatever he actually hears and expounds on it so that he we think he heard the doctor!!) Back to the story: Turns out that she has a thymoma, a tumor on her thymus gland. It is in front of her heart so it will need to be removed. She has to see a cardiologist to examine her heart and then we'll go back to get the determination from the surgeon. She's in no imminent danger right now so there is no hurry to get this done. It will, however, need to removed in the near future as it could possible turn into cancer. Anyway, we were kind of relieved about this because when someone says it's a tumor, you automatically assume the worst. So this was, in an odd way, good news.

All is well here. Been busy. Had tooth extracted on Monday...SUCKED. It's ok now, tho. Work is fine...a tad slow right now...since it's been in the 60's (on a few occasions) there have been no "no heat" calls...Funnily enough, a few weeks ago I had a customer call to say that it was too hot in their office and could we come and fix the air conditioning!! It's been a strange winter here in the northeast...not really cold at all.

I guess that's about it for now...Peace!


samnsmile5 said...

Hello!   And Happy Birthday to everyone in your family!!  I hope your having cake and ice cream and having fun!! certainly is never a dull moment for you!!  I hope your mom is doing okay and that when she decides to have the surgery that everything will be just fine!!

brimasta1 said...

Damn Sharon, never a dull moment with ya. Sorry to hear you had to get a tooth yanked! That sucks!